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Luserna Stone is marketed by our firms in the following products:

  • Maccagno Rag. Vincenzo S.r.l.
  • sawing blocks
  • splitting blocks
  • cliff blocks


  • G.S.E. Graniti S. Elena S.n.c.
  • Sawing blocks
  • gangsaw, diamond disk and wire cutted slabs, starting from 1,2 cm thick and with one or both surfaces:
  • plain
  • flamed
  • brusched
  • smoothed
  • polished
  • fixed and upon request finished articles, with the exception of curb processings.




Luserna Stone from our quarries has its typical light grey colour tending to greenish, with some light blue shimmers. Being a natural material, its colour is basically uniform but can show some lighter and/or pinkish veins, respectively due to the presence of quartz and iron oxidations.


We normally assign grades to our stones based on the uniformity of their colour:

  • F: perfectly uniform colour
  • E: uniform colour with very light pinkish and whitish veins
  • N: uniform colour with stronger pinkish and whitish veins
  • S: multicoloured due to strong rusty and white veins

Our firm is at designers’ and users’ disposal for any necessary further explanation about the material.

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